Sorry you feel we're all suckups for having .mac accounts. I don't feel the cost is such a waste rather than to bargain shop webservers and freebees. I prefer to have the integration with my desktop apps and the similar "look and feel" with my daily use.<br><br>My experience with .mac has made it a good value. I like the integration of my mail and bookmark backups & syncs. I like the simplicity of the desktop iDisk which has performed perfectly for me, I've had no problems syncing or transfering large files. I manage several email accounts, business and personal, through .mac. I like being able to sync and accesss my all my mail through my desktop or my laptop. I not a geek who wants to run lots of third-party apps, let alone spend the time to find all those that work well (and as your big concern -- offered free)<br><br>$8.25/mo is the whopping cost, more than free. In terms of my business it paid for itself the first month in saved FedEx charges. I use my iDisk for transferring client files every day. I love the simplicity of the filesharing Public Folder page, so do my clients. <br><br><br>Oh, one other thing.... I also got lots of free Garageband loops as a perk<br><br>