That price figure is way hyped up.<br>The agents whom sell all this stuff are adding up all the downloads and comparing that against actual sales.<br>Downloads do not constitute an act of piracy.<br>Putting those downloads on CD and selling them is.<br>The software pirated to CD in the Midle East and Asia, is most likely sold back into the US.<br> I think it is nothing short of ludicrous that the US law governing the export of such articles as the encoding... to the middle east "sanctioned" countries does not seem to stop them at all. It is patently obvious that Saddam Hussein already has the encryption software and all the other software too.<br><br>Maybe it is time that the manufacturers and sellers realised if they want piracy stopped that they had better start charging a realistic price. One that makes software piracy non profitable. <br>Maybe I am wrong maybe the figure is from the total of actual busted pirated CD's, but these are not sold... they are just burned/copied... I have never ever seen a pirated CD, never seen anyone with one...<br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?