When I first got my gMail account a couple weeks ago I tried the little menulet <A HREF=http://www.lloydslounge.org/gee/>[color:TEAL]<U>GEE</U></FONT></A> to automatically check my gMail account for incoming messages, but it kept flaking out on me so I ditched it.<br><br>I decided to have a look for a Dashboard widget to automatically check my gMail account. I chose to try <A HREF=http://sourceforge.net/projects/gotmailg/>[color:TEAL]<U>"gotMailG"</U></FONT></A> (from Sourceforge.net, and listed on Apple's Widgets directory) and haven't been able to get it to work.<br><br>Any thoughts? What's been working for you with your gMail account to automatically check Incoming Mail status?<br><br>