. . . how easy it is to go in debt.<br><br>Since paying off all credit cards, the credit card companies are really pushing hard for my business. I must get 10 solicitations per week. <br><br>The latest incoming is from Discover, and their opening line had me laughing out loud.<br><br><blockquote>"On your journey to financial success, there are markers that clearly show your progress."</blockquote><br><br>That's right. There are. Paying off and closing all credit card accounts is the biggest marker ever! <br><br>I'm FRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!<br><br><blockquote>"I'm pleased to announce you have reached one of those milestones."</blockquote><br><br><br><br>Now HOW'D they know?! <br><br>
***************<br><br>This space left intentionally blank