FWIW, I dug out te installer from an old MacAddict CD, or from an old "Software Volume" that I have laying around here somewhere...<br><br>It works, but did anyone remember that MSIE 4.01 doesn't support folders in the toolbar favorites? heh... makes me laugh at what I take for granted now...<br><br>Also, 4.01 renders pages so much faster than MSIE 5.0 it's rediculous... makes me want to go back to 4.01 for most of my browsing... though it seems to have a major memory leak or something...<br><br>thanks for the help Oni... if any of you are budding web developers, let me know and I can put the installer up for you to download somewhere (it's 21 MB).<br><br>***<br>"Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms"<br> --Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales<br>
"In the old days, you'd finish a day's work and announce, 'I'm done.' Nobody ever does that now. There's never enough time." -- Elliott Masie