...And this doesn't necessarily apply to anyone specific, but I am using specific examples to illustrate my point:<br><br>Did ya ever notice that when someone posts something specific- about say, sports or music or food, etc, other people will follow it up with these generalized, stereotyped, sometimes misinformed posts? I think that's what leads to a lot of bickering and misunderstandings- just my own personal theory...<br><br>Anyway, the examples that I've seen:<br><br>— A user such as myself posts a blurb about an athlete breaking a record, or a team winning an important game. What I get in response is NOT, "Hey, I saw that game too- that (fill in the blank) did a great job", or even "Did not see the game or the event but that IS some accomplishment"...<br><br>Instead, I very often get people's venom concerning pro athletes and either that they make too much money or they're all a bunch of criminals and drug addicts, and anyone who buys into the whole thing is a sucker.<br><br>— Or, classic example today- one of the members of Run DMC was shot dead in a studio today. A tragic occurance, but for some reason people felt the need to lump it in with ALL the gang-related violence and add it to the huge list of "what's wrong with rap"- (it's too vulgar, it promotes violence, yadda yadda yadda). The fact is that Run DMC's music NEVER promoted violence, and they were one of the founding members of the genre- when the worst lyrics you'd find in a rap song were those that 'dissed' fellow rappers... Not killing fellow rappers, mind you- just saying you were better than they were!<br><br>Now, I'm not saying people shouldn't post their opinions on any given topic– it's that very idea that keeps forums such as this and MCF alive & kicking!<br><br>I'm just wondering if sometimes people dive right into topics without knowing too much about it, or taking the stereotypical viewpoint more often than not..<br><br>thoughts?<br><br>[color:red]Hold on...it's time for a</font color=red><br>