Whoopdy do!. These guys know very little about creating an interface that looks and feels like it should be on a Mac. Based on their Citrix ICA Client for Mac OS X, Citrix GoToMyPC for Mac will basically have a Windoze interface pasted into a somewhat-functional Mac client. I mean for crying out lout they don't even know what command-q is for, and they use hair-brained "are you sure" dialogs a la Windows if you just want to do something as simple as quit. On top of that they have ZERO feedback features, which indicates they couldn't give a rat's ass what their users think.<br><br>I mentioned to a Cirix demonstrator once that their interface is hammer and chisel awkward and clunky and his reply was that "it is based on the interface guidelines." Yeah, the interface guidelines for an OS that each and every Mac user has shunned.<br><br>They couldn't care less about what their users think, and particularly Mac users.<br><br>