I saw the movie last night. <br>I hated the first two. I gritted my teeth every time Hayden was on screen. <br><br>As far as Jarjar and droid humor, only a rare few enjoyed that. <br><br>So it was with sub-low expectations that I went to see Sith last night. <br>I'm happy to say, I was far from disappointed. I don't know what happened; maybe Lucas finally pulled his head out of his butt, maybe they hired real writers, maybe they were shamed by the quality of the Lord of the Rings, but for what ever the reason, this movie was so much better.<br><br>Hayden is still an emotionaly wet blanket until the end of the movie, when he really gets in to it. But that's the only place where the movie is weak.<br><br>There's a real story in this movie. I enjoyed the action, though the bluring lightsaber action on close shots made it hard to follow some of the fight scenes. The opening scene is great and took me back to the run on the Deathstar. <br><br>This movie gets darker as it goes on. You get a real sense of growing unease and you know bad things are coming. Skywalkers motivation to turn to the dark side is realistic, I just wish he'd have played it off with more depth. <br><br>I've heard a number of people comment about the mass of CGI flying crafts, but it didn't detract from the movie, for me. I easily bought in to the world being so crowed that buildings towered so high that you rarely, if ever, saw the ground, and this enviroment was packed with a large population.<br>As far as the clones, my only question is how can you tell who you're talking to? <br>'Commander?'<br>'No sir, he's over there.' (pointing to a group of clones)<br>'Which one?'<br>'Uh...'<br><br>I wish there were some more space battles, but I like good eye candy. Speaking of which, this movie does not shy away from violence. Death and maiming by lightsaber is not pretty. Skywalkers end made me wince.<br><br>Lucas got this one right. Now that it's done, he can go back and fiddle with re-re-re-re-editing the first three.<br><br>