As a long time Mac user (but not a zealot) and a Windows user who just got in 3 new computers (2 Windows Laptops and new mac G5 dual 2 GHz) I have to say that the Microsoft Clear Type is far superior than the Macs on screen font smoothing. For as good as Macs are to look at, they are really "fuzzy" on screen. And I have all the latest hardware- including DVI connection and 2 new Mac 20" widescreen displays. When these are hooked to my Windows (Sony) laptops with XP Clear type on- they look magnificent. But when paired with Apple, the text looks "fuzzy" with a lot of reddish pixels around each letter. Apple needs to "tighten up" the onscreen look of each typed letter- or Mac users will continure to see the world a little fuzzy. Macs need to be as cool to use as they are too look at and having such crappy font smoothing makes them look bad. <br><br>PS Yes I have twekaed with it in Sys Pref and yes I have used Macs for years. I kind of hoped that Tiger had fixed this or "updated" the font smooting utility.<br><br>