With so many Instant Messaging/Chat apps out there... I'm glad to see that the two most popular will play nice together. I hate having several different apps to do the same thing. Now, the real question is, will Apple jump onboard and bring ICQ connectivity into iChat?<br><br>Here's the newsbrief from the MM home page in case you missed it.<br><br>AIM and ICQ to communicate<br><br>America Online will allow its next version of AOL Instant Messenger to communicate with ICQ, a surprise move that will connect the company's two popular instant messaging services, reports c|net. "We're implementing the test in response to the growth of AOL in Europe, ICQ's leadership in Europe, and some consumer feedback from AOL members who wanted the ability to exchange instant messages with ICQ members," said AOL spokeswoman Anne Bentley. <br><br>[color:red] Kiss My Banana!</font color=red>
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