You can totally pick all of these films apart if you want to. I watched Ep IV with the kids after going to see III and parts of that make me cringe, especially the C3PO/R2 interaction. Personalitywise, 3PO is almost as loathesome as Jar Jar and the shtick hasn't aged well at all. And the Solo/Leia "banter" sounds as forced and uncomfortable as the Anakin/Padme love scenes from II and III. As others have pointed out, Anakin's turn to the dark side seemed rushed and even he didn't seem to be convinced. Plus, he's Darth Vader for only a few days and he's ready to kill Sidious and take his place which kind of takes the edge off of his killing him in Ep VI. Of course, if you read the Star Wars website, you know that Sidious didn't really die in Ep VI. <br><br>