I was going to post this in Sam's thread but realized there may be some spoilers so I didn't want to PO anyone.<br><br>Some observations and questions (not necessarily about Episode III either).<br><br>I posted previously about being confused by the politics of SW so now it seems clearer. Palpatine engineered everything to bring about a war so he could build his clone army and take power. I'm still not sure how the politics of the first one played into that so I'll have to watch it again to see how it fits in.<br><br>Looking back to Episode V, Vader obviously knew Luke Skywalker's name but didn't know he was his son until the Emperor pointed it out. What, is Skywalker like Smith in their world?<br><br>Also, in Episode V, Yoda says to Obiwan "there is another" (potential savior), meaning Leia. Obiwan obviously knew about Leia so why did he have to be told?<br><br>They still didn't explain why Vader doesn't have the lightning zap like Sidious and Dooku and it wasn't because of brain damage like Pete suggested. Maybe it requires "real" hands and fingers. <br><br>I'm assuming the Storm Troopers from IV-VI are the renamed and still going Clone Army, but in white armor. Bobba Fett had to feel a little weird around them, knowing they (as well as he) were all cloned from his "dad." Maybe they opened up the gene pool later and cloned other guys.<br><br>3PO's memory was wiped but not R2's? Why not?<br><br>They wanted to hide Luke and Leia from the Emporer and Vader, so they put her with a high-profile Senator and he with family on Vader's home planet using the Skywalker name. Obviously, their witness relocation program needed some fine tuning.<br><br>In Episode V, when Vader realizes Padme gave birth, he also had to realize that Sidious lied to him when he claimed Vader had killed her. <br><br>Senator Organa's first wife must have died a couple of years later because the mother Leia claimed to remember in Episode VI obviously wasn't Padme. Unless the Force allows you to remember your own birth.<br><br>Boy, Obiwan could have saved the galaxy a lot of grief by finishing the job instead of walking away. Probably been more merciful to Anakin too. Maybe Sidious' new disciple would have been even worse.<br><br>They should have aged MacGregor more and made him look mid-40s. Otherwise the 20 years between III and VI weren't kind to him or Luke's Aunt and Uncle.<br><br>Yeah, I know it's asking a lot to think Lucas would have all the details worked out 25 years ago but it's still fun asking the questions.<br><br>