I used to think V was the best episode, but after watching the two a few times in recent past, IV has nudged the top spot... only by a little, mind you! IV has the least amount of problems. Dagobah drags Empire down and down hard. Very boring! Plus IV is pure, extra virgin Star Wars. Long before doing things just for coolness sake or to one-up previous films. Things were done out of necessity to tell the story rather than to wow the fans. There's an innocence in IV that none of the other movies capture. Being dark and throwing in a plot twist doesn't automatically make a great movie. Plus I like Vader as just a bad guy rather than a daddy gone wrong.<br><br>(If you think about it... Empire started this whole sequel/prequel mess. You have Empire to thank for Jar Jar... THAT'LL keep you up at night! )<br><br>