Did an Archive & Install of OS10.4 to a SuperDuper clone of my HD, onto an external FW drive. Copied the whole thing from the FW drive back onto my internal drive (to which I had written zeros and repartitioned). Most everything seems to be operating just fine.<br><br>I had to reinstall the driver for my MacAlly iMediakey keyboard, but I already knew I was going to have to do that from chatting with a friend who has the same keyboard.<br><br>What's killing me is that the driver (Got the latest one and installed fresh) for my Logitech "2-button + scroll wheel/scroll click" cordless mouse no longer allows me to adjust the scrolling speed. I can get the acceleration preference to work, however. I find it most painful when scrolling through long Forum threads (like at Slashdot) and long text documents when I'm doing manual proofreading.<br><br>Anybody else seeing this problem? Found a fix?<br><br>