Why do people even bother with this? In my 7 years of being a Mac user, I've never encountered or been infected by a virus. I've also never sent a virus through my Mac to a PC user. Why pay these morons $70?<br><br><br>[i]Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh announced<br>May 10 - 08:16 EDT Symantec today announced Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh, the latest version of it virus protection software. Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh is scheduled to be widely available this month, and includes a new Global Threat Assessment dashboard to provide users with an overview of current virus threats. The product also includes a new Contextual Menu support feature and custom SafeZones for improved ease-of-use and efficiency. Version 10.0 is also fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh is available now for preorder at for an estimated retail price of US$69.95.<br><br>