I'm a rum guy.<br><br>I used to drink Whaler's (and still do) on a regular basis. Great white... hint of vanilla. Yum.<br><br>But recently I picked up a bottle of Sailor Jerry's Rum and have bought nothing else since.<br><br>Hint of Cherry flavor. Old Satly dog recipe. 98 proof. 'nuff said. :)<br><br>Interestingly enough there is a picture of Sailor Jerry on the bottle. He looks disturbingly like my grandfather, God bless his soul. Indeed the two could be clones. (That is, Dad Dad and Sailor Jerry, not Dad Dad and God! :P )<br><br>Like Sailor Jerry, he was in the Navy in WWII. He had plenty of tatoos, and flew a flag until the day he died.<br><br>This one's for you, Dad Dad! :)<br><br>Anyway if you like rum, pick up a bottle. It's really good stuff. Just be careful, it's easy to down most of a bottle in one sitting, and at 98 proof you'll lose about 12 hours of your life to blackout and another 24 to the worst hangover you've ever had!!!!! :D<br><br>

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