This is probably a strange question, but it's one that I'm puzzling through now, and have been for some time. This is it: why do we spend time posting to forums like this one. I don't mean forums in which we ask for and/or supply help, but ones like the Lounge here, or its equivalent on other boards.<br><br>I hope you don't think that the question is prompted by the various threads that have appeared this week end that have, in one way or another, represented the viciousness that's possible among posters, although clearly they've brought the question to a head.<br><br>One obvious reason is that I, for one, have "met" a lot of very nice, interesting, intelligent, witty people, whom I'd invite to my house for a get-together in a heartbeat. I've shared some very good, happy moments, and some profoundly sad, tragic ones with those folks.<br><br>On the other hand, I've also come across people who, were the web real life, I'd avoid completely, but can't in this cyberspace we share because there they are—there's no avoiding them, period, even in a selective reading of threads.<br><br>My non-cyber life is pretty full. I have a great wife and kid, lots of friends, a job that would consume all of my time if I wanted it to, civic responsibilities and social engagements that make my week sometimes a struggle to get through, because there's so much to do. And that life has the advantage, if you will, that I can and have insulated myself completely from people whom I find impossible to get along with.<br><br>But despite the weekly overbooking, and despite the impossibility of avoiding unpleasantness and sometimes plain old nastiness, I find the time to come to the Lounge, and usually enjoy doing so thoroughly.<br><br>I imagine that what I've said applies to all of us who come here or to other boards.<br><br>Does it? In any case, why do you come here? What brings you here? What keeps you coming?<br><br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"<br>
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