I had a hard drive corruption which required me to reformat my hard drive. Since I did this and re-installed OSX, the Mac will not boot into OS9.<br><br>It won't boot from the HD or from any of the CDs I have. I'm using the original G4 installer CDs and the Mac will not restart from them, no matter what I do. It won't boot into OS9 from any other disk, including Norton Utilities or Disk Warrior CDs.<br><br>The machine is a 450Mhz G4 (blue case) with a 20Gb Quantum HD, partitioned into 2 volumes - one of 11Gb as the OSX (v10.3.8) partition and one of 9Gb as the OS9 (v9.2.2) partition.<br><br>Prior to the crash, the machine ran perfectly well and would boot into either OS, no problem. Now I can't even start it in OS9 from a CD.<br><br>I've tried all the usual stuff, including booting whilst holding Cmd-Shift-Option-Del. It doesn't even get to the smiley Mac face. I've also zapped PRAM - up to as many as 15 chimes, before releasing the keys.<br><br>No matter which bootable OS9 CD I try (and I've got about 5 or 6, including the original system installers that came with the Mac, Disk Warrior and Norton Utils) the machine just locks with a 'white screen'.<br><br>Yet it will boot into OSX from a CD, so the problem doesn't appear to be CD-Drive related.<br><br>The machine will boot from an OSX installer and I've used the Disk Utility to reformat the HD as a single HFS+ extended volume, including OS9 drivers. I can install the OSX system on this disk and the machine functions normally - including showing correct time and date etc.<br><br>Even when I have done this the machine still will not boot from any other CD. Ideally, I want to boot into OS9, reformat everything and start from scratch BUT IT WILL NOT DO IT!!<br><br>Please, please help, this is driving me nuts!!<br><br>Many thanks.<br><br>