I saw this on MacFixit.<br><br>""I too have experienced the connection issues when waking from sleep. My 12" 1GHz will occasionally not reconnect to the airport network. Simple enough to connect... with the menubar... but it ends up being an issue when the widgets (konfab and dash) want to use the network immediately upon waking."<br><br>In some cases, this issue can be resolved by opening the Network Pane of System Preferences, clicking the "AirPort" tab, then selecting "Automatic" from the "By Default Join:" menu (rather than selecting a specific AirPort network). Oddly, in some cases, the opposite set-up allows for proper operation (i.e. selecting a specific AirPort network rather than using the automatic setting.)<br><br>Note that this problem is not relegated to Mac OS X 10.4, it is merely more frequent after the update. The issue has been reported under Mac OS X 10.3.x as well. "<br><br>