I'm a new MacMinute visitor, and I have a suggestion. I love the site by the way. You do an amazing job, and I prefer your reporting and style to any other MacNews site.<br><br>Before I make the suggestion, though, I have to confess I'm a recent convert from MacNN, a site I used for 5 years to get my news. <br><br>Why did I use that site for so long? Certainly not because of its overwhelming advertising (which I clicked on every visit), dodgy uptimes, questionable content (i.e., often not very newsworthy), broken links, unintuitive design, and generally poorly edited content....no, I used the site for so long because most of the news stories there offered a link for users to provide comments.<br><br>Seems silly, but I just kept going back.. "What's the community think about the latest MS scam?" "How's the new update for Photoshop?" "What's coming out at MWNY tomorrow?" and on and on. Heck, I even bought products from advertisers there. I turned at least 200 people on to that site during the time I used it, and many of them, like me, became addicted to the news comments that constantly changed throughout the day. We all regularly contributed comments to the latest news items, and I met many, many people worldwide through those boards.<br><br>Lately though, the community there has become very dissatisfied with MacNN (largely due to the reasons I mentioned above), and they are hungry for a replacement. I really believe adding the "comment" functionality to your news page, while obviously requiring an enormous effort, would propel MacMinute right past MacNN (and anyone else) in the world of Macintosh news. <br><br>I have no axe to grind when it comes to MacNN, but as a Mac consultant who loves (and needs, frankly) the latest stories affecting the Macintosh platform, I am so confident that this site could be even better than it is. <br><br>And it's fantastic now. <br><br>