My lawn is absolute sh!t after the winter- dead spots all over the place, etc.<br><br>As compared to all the other lawns in the neighborhood, which seem to start to be growing. Even the common area, that everyone lets their dogs go to the bathroom on, looks better than my grass.<br><br>Any tips on what I should be doing? I'm guessing re-seeding and some sort of weed killer is involved- but I've only had the house for two years and obviously I'm doing this wrong. I'm tempted to call one of those professional services, but I worry about my dog and the chemicals. And I also don't want to have to KEEP calling them every year just to get my lawn back into shape...<br><br>Tips? Thoughts? I was also thinking of just replacing the entire lawn with rocks, alå the Jersey shore...<br><br>[color:red]5.19.05 - The 'Jedi Slaughter' tour begins!</font color=red>
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