Ballmer Announces Microsoft Support For Linux<br>WebProNews - 43 minutes ago<br>If this were April Fool's day, I would have been tempted to discount this story immediately. We've added support for non-Windows virtual machines being hosted on top of our Virtual Server product, including support for Linux. ... <br>Microsoft surrenders? ZDNet<br>Ballmer backs Linux Inquirer<br>Economic Times - - Information Week - PC Pro - all 58 related <br><br>found it at<br><br>to make matters even more interesting, in my humble opinion:<br>,1284,67287,00.html<br><br>and for biz maybe:<br>,12597,1463866,00.html<br><br>to the victor<br>the spoils?<br><br>Perhaps he's just infiltrating.<br>Never trust microsoft from day one.<br>Never trusted that it would be able to handle the raw power<br>of the human imagination<br><br>Payce!<br><br><br>[color:green]I was there in 2000 when they flew confederate flags for 'no recount'.</font color=green>