Well, I guess it's a bit presumptuous of me to say go figure, but all I hear are gripes about it.<br><br>Anyway, I've got a friend who sent me a link to a .mac public folder to give me some songs she recorded. I was able to get to the iDisk Public Folder just fine, but whenever I downloaded the files on my Mac at home they would come as FILENAME-zip.zip. The files are .mp3 files. I tried to unzip them; I tried to change the file extension; I tried bad language, all to no avail.<br><br>But then they downloaded just fine on a Wintel box at work. What gives? I don't want to give the link out on a public forum, but if someone wants to test it out, PM me and I'll send a link.<br><br>Is it something I've got set here? I don't think I've got any weird settings, and every other file downloads properly.<br><br>