I found a cool game online. You can create a free character and play, but you can only play when the 4500 or so "free slots" are open. Or you can pay a 1 time payment to upgrade your character to "Guardian" for $14.95 and get to play anytime.<br><br>I did and I think it's worth it. With the extra quests, free stuff, and it looks like they're always adding new stuff...<br><br>Give it a shot! I think you'll become addicted like me. I only found it on Friday, signed up, played Friday night, Saturday afternoon, tried to get online Sunday, but the free slots were taken, Monday afternoon, I signed up for the upgrade... It was that fast.<br><br><br><br>ps - I am in no way affiliated with them, this isn't SPAM, just a cool game i thought you guys would like. <br><br>When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?