ADS' press release yesterday included a line that read: "Platform support: Windows 98/Me/2000, Mac," which has since been removed. <br><br>While the lack of Mac software (as we noted) was curious, we generally put enough faith in a company to know about its own products, hence the lack of a follow-up. (We will update the news item, of course.)<br><br>As a side note, the line they fed you about the lack fo MPEG2 support on a Mac is totally false.<br><br>Finally, I personally would stay away from any video solution that involves USB. Due to the bandwidth limitations of the technology, both video and audio are generally sub-par. A better solution to USB Instant DVD is to purchase an analog-to-FireWire solution (PowerR, Sony, and others make them) and bring your video into your Mac that way, at a much higher quality. From there, use iMovie and iDVD to prepare the videos for DVD.<br><br>