I enjoy the late night talk shows. I like watching celebrities have to actually be themselves. Sorry Sgt. Baxter I think Jennifer Love-Hewitt is vapid and I really don't enjoy watching her. If I were in your shoes I would be thrilled to get the job and congrats to your firm.<br>Someone that surprised both myself and my husband was Kirstie Alley. She is able to laugh at herself and has a very intelligent wit.<br>One I enjoyed especially tonight was Penelope Cruz. She is just absolutely gorgeous and genuine. And obviously very smart as well.<br>Another bit I enjoy is when David calls Les Moonves and jokes around with the boss. I don't know how much is staged but it's always enjoyable.<br>Have you ever had your perception of a celebrity changed for the better or worse after you have seen them just be themselves on a talk show?<br><br>
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