My nephew just landed a summer job with a Mac software/game developer, and needs to learn as much about Cocoa, OpenGL and Carbon as he can in the next few months. (The company is aware of what he does and doesn't know about programming.) He was raised on Macs, but moved to primarily PC usage when he went to school for computer science (he's currently a junior). Needless to say his geek auntie is thrilled he's returning to the Apple fold with this job and his purchase of a Mac mini. <br><br>Anyone have any advice that I can pass on to him? In his own words, this is what he's done so far:<br><br>OpenGL I've been able to get the most done with, because I've been able<br>to use it on my PC while I waited for my Mac to come. I'm at the level<br>of creating geometry, lighting it, texturing it, moving it about...<br>pretty much just learning advanced stuff now, and I've got good books<br>and tutorials to help me out. So, not as much need for tips with that.<br>I've been learning Cocoa just by looking at the documentation, and have<br>made simple apps with some buttons that don't do much, but I have a<br>reasonably good grasp on the language that it uses (Objective-C). Any<br>tips there would be useful, but I've got the basics.<br>Carbon I'm clueless about, haven't seen a single thing about it, haven't<br>touched it. So, any help would be appreciated.<br><br><br>TIA<br>Leslie<br><br>