Well I think some of the difficulty in ad sales is especially found in the perplexing situation some print publishers are in (and I'm speaking mainly of newspapers). They must now lasso in ads for an online audience and print audience, and their content is relatively sacred to the point of those recent lawsuits on online rights of print authors.<br><br>And that's more of what I was pointing to- Maccentral referencing in particular online newspaper stories, summarizing them and essentially depriving them of the hit. (In fact, it deprives anyone from buying the print version to for the story, which I think makes it an even more dangerous practice.) It isn't illegal, but it certainly violates the spirit of publisher's rights. Especially when these summaries get by lines (and even the feedback on the articles referenced is given on the "borrowing" site; so even works of remarked quality, or lack thereof, might not even receive any critique.)<br><br>---<br>www.skewedperspective.com<br>www.applelust.com