And what's your point?<br>He's doing something about saving lives. Not much can be done to save the dead.<br><br>But I know that won't slow you down from picking at him. Next you'll fault him for not making a public address about some lady getting a flat tire, or how some kid lost their lunch money. <br><br>Bush didn't shoot those people. Bush didn't let the kid into the school with a gun. Bush didn't put the gun in his hand, BUT because Bush doesn't drop all matters of state and rush to the mic to say how tragic all this is, he's now just as guilty.<br>More than that, he doesn't care. <br>Oh okay. Yeah, Bush spends his whole time surfing the net and watching TV. Yup, he's not interested in doing anything to help America. <br><br>Oh wait, while where at it, why don't you take a moment to condem the emergency room doctor who doesn't take the time to say how sorry someone died, becuse he was busy trying to save a life. I mean, fair is fair. He should be out there shaking hands and doing PR work. Let the bodies stack up while he's making nice-nice, right Sean?<br><br>The President didn't stroke someones ego. Waaaaa<br><br><br>