CE, once again you come out of the gate crying like a baby. You make Native Americans look like they can't do anything without whinning about it. American Indians are a strong people with a true and simple culture. The lazy ones cry about how the can't do this or that. The lazy ones who want hand outs play the victim like YOU do every time you open your mouth. You're a begger with your hand out for anything someone will give you. You're hands are soft because you don't work to make something of yourself..<br>Shut up!<br><br>Sean,<br>It's a crying shame that Bush said so little, so late about the shooting. I guess running an entire country of millions of people has a nasty habit of getting in the way. I'm mean, really, there's only trying to keep North Korea from nuking someone, running a war in Iraq, working with the middle east to reduce oil prices, education, employment, battling with near sighted Dems to want to pack every bill with crap, and minior stuff like that. Not like you have ever been late to a family event or mssed something because of the demands of your work. Nah. More likely, Bush was too busy watching American Idol and didn't want to miss anything. Right?<br>(rolling eyes)<br><br>SteveG, <br>What can I say? <br>You rock.<br><br>