CE, your I'm not white therefore I'm persecuted mantra is wearing thin. I have no doubt that there are individuals INDIVIDUALS, NOT ENTIRE GOV'T BODIES who still harbor racial prejudices. And those prejudices no doubt influence their votes and policy platforms. But your claim that all non-whites are deliberately being kept under the white man's thumb as a matter of policy and law is outmoded. I'm sure the gov't. can do better across all programs for all people. But to continually push the blame outward from your community is nothing more than neo-teflonism. Just google "Native Americans in business" or "Native American success stories", etc., and you'll get plenty of hits related to people who have helped themselves overcome many of the barriers you love to harp on. And you'll find links to countless programs private and gov't-sponsored that only need to be taken advantage of. Poverty and disadvantage can be overcome. It just takes courage, determination, and a willingness to take full responsibility for your destiny.<br><br>What you claim was inarguably true a century and more ago. But I have a hard time believing that such gov't. conspiracies can or could still thrive in this era.<br><br>