CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - President Bush offered federal help and personal<br>prayers on Friday to the Red Lake Indian reservation in northern Minnesota<br>after being criticized for remaining silent for days about the deadliest<br>U.S. school shooting in six years.<br><br>Bush, on vacation at his Crawford, Texas, ranch, spoke for five minutes to<br>Floyd Jourdain, chairman of the Red Lake Chippewa tribe, about Monday's<br>rampage in which a 16-year-old killed nine people and himself.<br><br>White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Bush sent his condolences to the<br>"entire Red Lake community," and "pledged continued help from the federal<br>government."<br><br><br>The above was released thru Reuters, To this I would say to the President, it is too little too late. Speaking with one of our leaders for 5 Minutes is hardly enough time to say hello and goodbye. You can not learn much in<br>5 minutes of polite conversation.<br><br>As for the pledge for "continued help from the government"...what help?<br><br>The government offers Native Americans a band-ade that is ment to cover a scrape when the wound is 10 times the size of a scrape. If there had been help from the government to help solve the high unemployement, high substance abuse, the high sucide rate, high rate of teen pregnancies, <br>low quiality education then perhaps this event would have never happened in the first place.<br><br>To pledge Continued help from the government somehow translates into<br>"now you all be good little indians or the government will not continue<br>to help you" yet another way the government keeps the native americans<br>in check.<br><br>