I rented Brothers in Arms last night. There's a lot of swearing, hard swearing. I can't play it around the kids. <br>I might just be on the Xbox, but the load time between games is a pain in the butt. Before the start of each mission, there's a brief monolog. Some may think it's cool, but to me it's just one more thing between me and playing the game. There's no way to bypass it either. <br><br>There are some things I like and some I don't, and some just funny. <br>If you watch people move, some times you'll notice they look like they're skating on ice. They'll be sliding as they walk. At one point the guy wasn't even walking but he was moving across the field. <br><br>What I didn't like was the very harsh swearing. They make free use of the F word. I know they talked that way but if they wanted realism, they could have canned the swearing and given me gore. <br>The game is a bit more restrictive than COD. Where you can and can't go is pretty much anchored. There are some on screen symbols that float over the enemy heads that, while are informative, take away from the feel that you're in combat and act as a reminder you're playing a video game. <br><br>That being said, overall this is a fun game. Aiming down the sight of a rifle you'll soon realize that it's not easy after you've been running. Keeping a target in your sights is hard because there is a lot of wobble you have to adjust for. <br>When shots land near you, the bullets kick up dirt and grass. Bits of dirt will splatter on the screen in true documentary fashion. If you're hit, you'll be alarmed when it's your blood that begins to splatter on the screen. <br>There are four levels of play, easy, medium, advanced, and... are you ready for this? Authentic. That last option is greyed out, I'm guessing until you finish the game on a certain level. <br>Another feature that I'm coming to really like is the top-down map. It lets you see the surrounding terrain, your and your men's position, and any enemies that you have a visual on. It helps because of the next feature you have. <br>Not only do you have other soldiers in your squad, but you can order them where to go and to give suppressive fire or charge a position. You'll find that suppressive fire is a major and often used tool for this game. Keeping the enemy pinned down will greatly enhance your ability to flank and move. But don't think you'll be able to just run up to these guys and knock them down. So far, the AI is showing that these guys don't want to get shot any more than you do. They'll take cover, and move around so you'll never know where they're going to pop out. They'll run away, you think, but actually try to flank you, if they can. They also have a nasty habit of hiding to ambush you. While a couple of Germans shoot at you, there will be one waiting for you to move into position so he can get you in cross fire. <br>I haven't decided about the weapons yet. The first thing that got my attention was that you CAN load an M1 before the clip empties. That's right. <br><br>The sounds of the guns are distinct and real. Don't expect to be aiming down the sight and pop off a couple of shots and hit anything with the second round. After the first shot, you'll have to require your target because of the kick. <br>Another thing I found different from COD was that I pegged a guy three times from my M1 and nothing happened. It was almost point blank. Other times I nail someone and they go down with one shot. Oh before I forget, a nice touch of realisim is how they drop when they're hit. If they're in a full run and are killed, they'll tumble forward. Time was spent modeling movement of dying in motion. <br>So far I've used the M1, Colt 45, Kar98, MP40, Thompson, 30. cal, and MG42. The last two never overheat or have to be reloaded. <br>Another thing I like is that , just like us not being able to see everything, the Germans don't always see us. I was walking quietly through a house and came across a room of 5 Germans eating. They hadn't heard or seen me. I rolled a grenade in there and lunch was over. They can suffer from confusion just like us. I was looking over a wall and this German ran across the field I was checking out, and before I could shoot him, he ran right by me. He never saw me until he passed the wall. I thought it was pretty funny until it turned out he was a better shot than me. <br><br>Can't wait to get home and play this some more. If there's anything about this game that brings it down is the enormous wait time between missions while it's loading and boring you with over dramatic narrations, Saving Private Rayan style.<br><br>