Set up was far to easy - Humm ??<br>Maybe since I had the store install the Ram and iWorks, I had no set up promps ?<br>Anyway I need to slap my head - I have no extra FW cables to transfer the files from the 350. DuH. Gonna need to buy that next I guess - then If I had an extra Either net cable I could go that way ?<br><br>Sorry no photos, Jaz went hiking today and snagged the camera<br><br>I got the 1.2 Mac Mini with the 512 extra ram and also bought iWorks plus the Apple Extended Care - spent an extra 100 bucks more then I wanted too.<br><br>The odessesy;<br>Since the Apple Store is a 52 mile round trip I needed to get some gas - I went into the store and paid for the gas cash. Then promply walked back to my car and drove off without pumping the gas ! <--bone head. As soon as I hit the main street the gas light went on "shiiiit" I forgot the gas. I then drove around a few blocks and a waited at a couple of Stop Lights to get back to the gas station to pump #4. Luckly the pump still said prepaid, Phew !!<br><br>As I paid for the Mini while standing in a long line before me, there was iPods and Mac Minis were going out the door - the stores are a good move for Apple. Plus hot MacBabes everywhere, since the Ram installtion was gonna take or they told me 2 hours I went down to the Cove Bar for a few while I waited.<br><br>