I have 4 mail accounts.<br>1. My account at work. It is run off of a 840 AV (haha!) This supports POP access only right now. It get's the job done (text, html, and attachments).<br>2. Yahoo. Main account. Web and POP. I can't send a message without recieving my messages first (or attempting to). The SMTP also dosn't support athentication, how dumb!!<br>3. Mac.com. Set it up, uses POP only, never sent or recieved a message through it before!<br>4. Hotmail. I just use this through the web browser, to delete spam. This is my spam account only. If I sign up for something, I give them this address!<br><br>[color:red]-- John Bailey</font color=red> ( [color:red]Bdog</font color=red> )<br><br>[color:blue]Email Me!</font color=blue> [email] [color:green]bdog_111@yahoo.com</font color=green> [/email]
John Bailey ([red]Bdog[/red])

Email Me! ---> Bdog111@mac.com