Mind explaining what? You don't need any special program to access the songs on the iPod, just the finder.<br><br>The play songs on any ipod, mac or pc formatted are simply inside of a hidden iPod control folder which is easily accessed from the finder. Enable hidden attributes to be seen in the finder, or in the go menu in the "Go to Folder" type in the url -> /volumes/youripodname/iPod_Control/Music<br><br>The ID tags in the aac or mp3 files allow you to simply drag that folder to itunes, and it'll add them all to the library automatically. Those programs aren't doing anything magical, y'know. The newer versions of iTunes recognize duplicate songs so you can easily get rid of them.<br><br>Likewise, a pc formatted ipod works perfectly on a Mac with iTunes... unless my PC formatted iPod just works as a fluke? <br><br>Nope... it works just fine... it's just not officially supported by Apple. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't support most of the stuff they probably should.<br><br>

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