Added a cool AppleScript to my arsenal today. If you have been to the AppleScript page on apple's site you may have noticed certain links that open script editor and create the script for you. Very cool, but what's even cooler is they have the script to create the html links right there on their site (which I had not known until today). You just copy the script you want to make into a link to your clipboard and run the script. It puts the new encoded text back onto the clipboard where you can paste it into your HTML document. <br><br>The friggin cool part of this whole thing is that I have a large library of script snippits that I use to copy/paste common commands from. With this tool I can now take all those snippits and embed them into one HTML file. Then I can just click a link to add any code I want. Not to mention I'll only have to worry about one file from now on. <br><br>Damn, I'm one happy man right now! <br><br>I would have posted an example, but apparently these forums aren't cool enough to handle these type of links (although MC's forums are!?) For the example you can go to the link above and click the link towards the bottom of the page.<br><br>