To jump over hyper-space from the Ghost thread. <br>Thanks for the kind wishes everyone, it will probably take 2 months to get it then we have to get OAC of course. I think we are OK there. It always is a little nerve-wracking. <br>Topper it is not AWD. We will just deal with it when it comes. I can always drive the <br>F-250 to work if need be. We really don't get much snow anymore. <br>Skul, not too worried about ash but if need be we can get out quick. Or lava. Yes party is here we have a huge back seat. Hubby checked.<br><br>Rman I have seen a couple of the new Mustangs and they are great looking but I have only seen the hard tops.<br><br>Yes ezrider 340 is plenty. When we tested it the salesman did not go. He did tell us to keep it below 100. We took the onramp to I-5(Rick driving) and were a little behind a truck already on the freeway. Rick stomped on it and we shot past that sucker like buttah. Smooth. It was as close as I've been in a vehicle and had it feel like the lifting thrust of an airplane. We were ecstatic. I drove on one of the country roads so I didn't get too wild, but I went to work and told them, "It was amazing! I went from 30 to 50 before I could even see the needle move." They laughed because they thought I was going to say 100. I can hardly wait to get on the freeway for work every morning. I think at a steady 80mph it will not use as much fuel.<br><br><br>As for geek factor I didn't want a GPS in dash because technology changes too fast and we would like to keep this car ten years. We have a handheld anyway. No satellite radio (sorry Pete) because we already have two iPods and can't see the subscription cost.<br>I am getting hands free phone access built into the mirror and it will be for bluetooth so you can get in and out without interrupting a call. We love the interior. It is stark and clean not unlike the Apple products but it still has plenty of features. And best of all no frickin' road noise!<br><br>Rick is beating them up on the price so it getting close to the same price we paid 1998 for the Blazer.<br><br>I told him I liked it for the thrust. He says I ain't seen nothing yet. What a guy. <br><br>
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