Let's see if I can cover at least some of the bases of this thread. Late to the party, but I really liked Tera's site. A Mac babe with attitude. Her articles are just loaded with sarcasm too. I don't think she was scared off. I think she fits in well around here. Groucho Marx is a personal hero of mine so I've always taken sarcasm as more a form of humor than insult...although it can be both.<br><br>iRock, 340 hp is saweeeet! Plenty to putter around town in...or race Vipers whichever comes first. Congrats!<br><br>To those ex-forum members like...DaddyMac...sKrue...bganey...man those guys were just troublemakers anyway. We're much better off with Pete, Sam & Bryan. <br><br>Marg & JC I'll stand out in the rain and smoke with ya. I'll even provide the smokes. <br><br>And, zwei, not only do I like your InFold program but when you and SteveS start arguing with Akula I go get the popcorn because those are some of the best "debates" in either forum. Especially after Akula has had a few...why he tortures himself by coming there is beyond me. Good fun though!<br><br>I have seen a drop off in all of the forums I frequent. Although I post here more than anywhere else. A music forum that I post to used to have major activity that has now dropped down to a trickle. I think it is internet-wide not just here.<br><br>