After a decade of bouncing around with several e-mail addresses, I have finally settled on one permanent e-mail address: Gmail. The free POP access (everybody else charges) pretty much nailed it for me, along with their really good spam filtering. <br><br>Anyway, I discovered one very cool Mac-like touch.<br><br>In Gmail, you can set up filters (sort of like rules) to do stuff to incoming mail. I have e-mail from one incoming address skip the inbox, be archived and labeled. Labels are Gmail's version of folders. <br><br>Anyway, pre-POP access, the filter would do all of that and the e-mail would be archived and labeled unread. <br><br>Now that POP access is turned on, Google has been smart enough to still send a copy of the e-mail on through to the e-mail program, while still archiving and labeling a copy, this time read. They correctly assume that you still may want to read it. <br><br>Also, every sent and received e-mail through your e-mail program is archived on Google's server, completely searchable, along with up to 10MB attachments. I'll never lose any e-mail again. <br><br>Not bad for free!<br><br>