The problem Apple will always have is the constant struggle for positive mindshare. To do that, they have to remain profitable. To remain profitable they have to constantly out-innovate other computer companies. Constantly! That's an enormous amount of pressure. If Apple lets these web site owners go, then that opens the floodgates to other organizations revealing Apple's corporate secrets. Apple won't be able to remain in business is Microsoft and Dell hear of the plans far enough in advance to be able to announce a competing product.<br><br>Even if you cite an example that wouldn't damage Apple (like revealing a product only a day before it is announced), that doesn't matter in the eyes of the law. Apple has protect all leaks if it wants to successfully protect some of them.<br><br>I enjoy reading the rumour sites as much as anyone else, but unfortunately, they solicited illegal information. They knew what they were doing and took the risk.<br><br>