Apple have been taking legal action against one-man website and a couple of other <br>rumour sites, to force them to give up names of Mac Software developers who've been <br>leaking details about up coming products. The first amendment protects <br>journalists (freedom of speech.)...but Apple has managed to get some kind of <br>ruling that the journalist's have to give them names. The websites are fighting <br>back, trying to get the case dismissed, but with George W Bush' increased<br>support of corporations and legislation to give them more power - will freedom of <br>speech win? Apple is acting more like Microsoft nowadays. It's a real shame. <br><br>Apple have consistently 'broken' the mold in terms of computing. They've listened to it's <br>supporters, created inspiring and innovative machines and software that people <br>actually enjoy using. They command a strong following of dedicated mac users <br>because they've always been a company that's thought differently! <br><br>Apple in the 90's was very similar to how Google is now. Apple allowed allowed you <br>to take your pet to work! Yes it's a business, but to a lot ofpeople (me included) it's <br>more like a thriving community...their products give you that 'wow' factor. Yes, it's <br>'material desire' but it still doesn't really get to me. If the world ended now, I could live <br>without Apple! Anyway, my point it...Apple's profits have been surging. As they've had <br>surging profits they've done some VERY strange things:<br><br>1. Made a Pepsi advert that slated file sharers and listed their names (shocking, <br>absolutely shocking). This is all in support of Pepsi's iTunes music giveaway.<br>Weird? Isn't this the opposite to their previous marketing?<br><br>2. Started suing journalists for commenting on material that arrived to THEM freely.<br><br>3. The 'Made for iPod' campaign. Yes it stops crap products on the market but<br>taking a proposed 10% of manufacturer's cut?! That's incredible! I mean, it could<br>mean death for a lot of independent manufacturers! <br><br>This is turning into an essay. It's a shame...there's a petition on the net one for Apple <br>suing the people and one against. The one for suing has 92 signatures and the one<br> against has 5125. Support individuals, not corporations. That's also<br>the tag line of Acquisition's website. It seems to me as if a lot of shine has<br>come off Apple...I love the company, what they's just a shame.<br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by HarveyPooka on 03/05/05 07:14 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>