Georgius, obviously you haven't looked around on the board before you posted that.<br><br>first...the beige..see that link at the top called Control Panel? Click on it..<br><br>Once there, click on the edit which corresponds to "Display preferences, number of shown threads, languages, colors...". <br><br>The 2nd thing you can change is "Which style sheet (skin) do you want to use for your display?" <br><br>Check it out...not TOO many choices, but choices nevertheless. Once you are done go to the bottom and choose Done.<br><br> thing is the Reply/Post new topic buttons. Once you get used to them they get easier. Not sure if that's something Stan can move around or not (or would want to?).<br><br>As far as the smilies...sure you can't do it the simple way (:-) or :)) instead you have to do this [ smile ]. to find all the codes, go back up to the top and clicking on FAQ. That answers all your questions for you. <br><br>
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