I'm an administrator over at MacNN Forums, so I thought I'd interject here to give you the lowdown. ;-)<br><br>We switched from UBB 5.x to UBB 6.x because Infopop had promised us that not only would we be offered additional functionality, the forums would run much faster. While we did end up with a bunch of new features (most of which I don't think anyone actually uses -- private messages and whatnot), the forums run insanely slow.<br><br>While UBB 6.x is perl-based, like MacMinute's version of WWWThreads (a PHP-based version is also available), the key difference is that while UBB 6.x is SUPPOSED to be mod_perl compliant*, it's actually not. Specifically, we enabled mod_perl, which sped up the forums very significantly, but the forum statistics files used to become corrupt several times daily, which caused the forum to appear as if there were only two or three threads in it. Some admin had to be sitting at the control panel all day rebuilding. No good, obviously ;-)<br><br>So we had to uninstall mod_perl, and now we basically need a new server to get up to speed, but due to a series of misadventures that I shan't waste your time with (quiet, Misha ;-)), that's been delayed a few times.<br><br>Anyway, my "official" recommendation is to stay far, far away from UBB 6.x. It's familiar, but the software is bad, and it's slow. This is an extremely readable forum, which is more than I can say for some other new Mac forums (like MacNET, for example), and most importantly, I can see a good member base forming. Small, yes, but the forums are so new.<br><br>So from someone who's been buried in the cgi-bin fighting UBB 6.x day in and day out, I strongly recommend against switching software. WWWThreads, though not that commonly used, looks to be working very well here.<br><br>cheers,<br>-gorgonzola.<br><br>* mod_perl is an Apache extension that allows the "perl" command to be run only once, when Apache is started, instead of having the perl command run each and every time a forum page is requested. mod_perl is a *huge* performance booster. I so wish we could use it! =)<br><br>--<br>gorgonzola @ MacNN