Let me start with a cliché; I have several gay friends... <br><br>The one thing that made me chuckle because I've heard this type of thinking a number of times is when you said, <blockquote>"It's been my experience that most guys will do anything... they won't admit to it, but usually if they are comfortable enough (with the person, with the situation) they'll give something a try. And usually do it again. And again...</blockquote><br>Now, I swear I'm as tolerant as they come to anything, but this just isn't true for "most" heterosexual men. Sure, I'll try damn near anything with a pretty girl, multiple pretty girls, and maybe even an inanimate object or two (), but I'm not the least bit curious about men. Even as a younger man when the idea was new to me, and I thought I might be "missing out" on something, it was just unappealing. I certainly could have had my chances and no one would have known the better.<br><br>There are two gay people in particular that I have had this conversation with multiple times, and they both feel that the majority of people have at least a small gay tendency inside them (or at the very least a wild side) that they are repressing. I am certain that is true for some people, but I just don't think it is even close to a majority.<br><br>