Hey! I just realized I'm hugely offended. I'm a white male and I object to the following experssions:<br>White wash <br>Blinding white<br>fish belly white<br>ghost white<br><br>and the list goes on longer than I care to think. I want.. no, I demand that the use of the word 'white' be outlawed. anyone using that word should be cast out from society. Companies should be sued and manatory training should be assigned to all their imployees. <br><br>AH!!! The white out, liquid paper company should be hauled before the Supreme court for this outrage.<br><br>The White Sox should be disbanded!!! At once.<br><br>The person who coined the phrase 'tighty whity' has brough shame to us. <br><br>Oh man, I have a lot of work to do. <br><br>