There is a ton in your post to respond to. I essentially agree with you about fairness, but there is a difference between the situation I laid out and what you are presenting.<br><br>First of all, the television shows you mentioned don't depict white men exclusively as mean or stupid. There are so many varied portrayals of white men on television that you cannot isolate one character and derive a television network or media conglomerate's feelings about white men. What I am saying is that the numbers of white men on television afford them individuality. Now, let's say there are only four HIspanics on a network and three of them are criminals. Does that seem like a fair portrayal.<br><br>Black pride and white pride. Well, I don't need to tell you what the plain meaning of the words "white pride" mean to some people. We have the KKK to thank for that. But still there is another difference. White is a racial signifier which carries with it the whole baggage of American racism. So to claim white pride carries with it more meanings than intended. Notice though, how no one will ever be critical for having ethnic pride. If you're racially white, you probably also have some other ethnicity, whether it is European or otherwise. So no one will ever criticize Irish pride, or Italian pride because those signifiers carry with them only heritage, not race politics.<br><br>So now you're probably wondering why blacks are allowed to have pride in their racial signifier. That's because "black" is both a race and functionally an ethnicity. As an oppressed minority, African Americans have had to reclaim their own ethnicity given their history in the United States. That's why there's an African flag and other ethnic trappings created inside what is in all truths a socially constructed race. Worse yet, when black people attempt to go back and reclaim ethnic traits, they encounter little but scorn.<br><br>I assume you believe that people are too touchy about these things. I agree with you in that case. I think people don't know how to talk about race. It's as though all of the sudden, everybody has a stake in everything, feels cheated, and gets defensive.<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey
-- Cee Bee Double-U