A Senate committee killed a proposal Monday to ban schools from using<br>Savages or Redskins as team or school names.<br><br>Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre, who wrote Senate Bill 567 to ban those names, said<br>more work is needed to convince legislators such mascot names can be<br>hurtful.<br><br>The Senate Education Committee voted 18-5 to reject McIntyre's legislation.<br><br>"One thing we're going to have to do is educate people. It's not a militant<br>movement. Our goal is to help people understand it's racially insensitive,"<br>said McIntyre, D-Tulsa.<br><br>McIntyre's original bill included many other names such as Indians, Braves,<br>Chiefs, Apaches and Warriors.<br><br>She amended the measure to limit the ban to Redskins and Savages.<br><br><br><br>