Ah yes, hearts & minds. Tell ya what, as far as the Iraqi people are concerned your average citizen I think we have won some hearts & minds. The relative success of the elections is an indication of that. There would have been no such thing had we not taken Saddam out of power. Forget the BS about WMD and ties to 9/11. Removing him from power goes on the plus side of the column even if we didn't go in under the most credible of reasons.<br><br>Was Fallujah overkill? Maybe. I'm in no position to judge. But how many civilian lives have been lost to the indescriminate attacks of insurgents who are largely NOT Iraqis? The hearts and minds that we've absolutely not won are those of the hardline muslim extemists who have yearned for decades to destroy everything the U.S. embodies! And I doubt we ever will short of swearing off Wall Street and totally embracing their doctrine.<br><br>But nobody wants to add the slaughter rought by the terrorists the the balance sheet. And I'm not even talking a/b U.S. casualties. I'm talking about Iraqis fer chrissakes!<br><br>No, I'm not accusing anyone of being a terrorist cheerleader. But I'm sure as hell saying that the refusal by some to admit that there are two sides contributing to the current conflict is as good as excusing terror.<br><br>