While we strive to educate ourselves so that these events will never happen again<br>the fact is that while we are "educated" and we have said it will never happen again<br>these events are still happening, case in point, the story of Wounded Knee did not<br>end in 1890, it is still going on today. The heavy handed government is still<br>committing acts of terrorism against the Native Peoples.<br><br>Chronology of Oppression At Pine Ridge<br><br>Pamphlet:  Victims of Progress, Early Fall 1977, p. 8-9.<br>Author: Anonymous<br>Re: Reign of Terror 1973-1976<br><br>December 1890<br>Massacre of 350 women, children and men near Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, considered the last "official" massacre of Indians by U.S. forces.<br><br>January 1972<br>Raymond Yellow Thunder, a dignified older man, was harassed, beaten, tortured and humiliated before a crowd at an American Legion Dance and finally murdered in Gordon, Nebraska.<br><br>January 21, 1973<br>Wesley Bad Heart Bull, knifed in chest after an earlier fight with the same man and after a bartender in Buffalo Gap put a bounty on his life. His killer was charged with second-degree manslaughter and finally acquitted.<br><br>April 1973<br>Glen Three Stars, a known goon, and Tote (John) Richards, also a goon, assaulted Hobart Keith, member of the tribal council, active in the impeachment effort.<br><br>April 17, 1973<br>Frank Clearwater (47, from Cherokee, N.C.) was sitting in the church building during the Wounded Knee Liberation; he was unarmed. A bullet crashed through the wall and tore out a substantial part of his skull and brain. He died April 25th.<br><br>April 27, 1973<br>Buddy Lamont, forced from a bunker in Wounded Knee, coughing and choking because of CS gas, was slammed with a heavy burst of machine gun fire and killed.<br><br>June 1973<br>Clarence Cross and his brother Vernal were shot by BIA police while they slept in a car parked by the side of the road. Clarence died, and Vernal, who was also injured, was charged with his murder. For over a year, he was followed, harassed and attacked by BIA police, goon squad and FBI.<br><br>July 29, 1973<br>At Manderson, Pine Ridge - Curtis Ghost struck with a club by off duty BIA policeman, Jonathan Twist. Minutes later 2 BIA policemen arrived, grabbed Ghost and put him in a car. They also knocked down and beat Leo White Hawk. Cathy Eagle Hawk (8 Months Pregnant) was maced in the face by Twist. Harassment because of their identification with AIM.<br><br>August 31, 1973<br>Hearing confirmed the fact that WKLD/OC had been under constant surveillance since its National Meeting Memorial weekend at the Imperial 400 Hotel in Rapid City. 48 out of a total of 54 S.D. FBI agents were in Rapid City at that time.<br><br>October 12, 1973<br>Jailing of James Romero and the Miguel family of Phoenix, Arizona--racist move by FBI to brainwash American public that AIM is a plot to disrupt matters in the local community. <br><br> <br><br><br>